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Veg boxes – fresh, local, seasonal and naturally grown.

We grow vegetables in our half acre market garden using ecological/organic methods that build healthy, living soils to produce fresh, nutrient dense food. We never use any chemical sprays or fertilizer to grow our veg. For most of the growing season the vast majority of the veg box will be made up from produce grown by us, in our own garden. If needed we will supplement our own produce with organic veg from other Scottish farms.

What’s in our boxes?

A typical veg box in the height of summer could contain a selection from – cabbage, courgette, broccoli, salad bag, whole lettuce, radishes, herbs, chard, kale, carrots, broad beans, mange tout, tomatoes, green beans, onions, beetroot and garlic.

When are our veg boxes available?

Our veg boxes will be available every week for 20 weeks starting late June to late November.

Where do we deliver to?

Our veg boxes are delivered on a Friday evening to several pick up points where you can then collect your box. These are:

  • Tap o’ Noth Farm
  • Rhynie 
  • Insch
  • Huntly 
  • Lumsden 
  • Alford 

We can only merit delivering to a drop off point if we can secure more than five members in each town.

What size are your veg boxes?

We have two sizes available to choose from:

  • Small – 1-2 person (living by yourself or a moderate veg eaters)
  • Large – 3-4 person (perfect for a family or those on a vegetarian diet)

How much are our veg boxes?

As a signed up member of Tap o’ Noth Farm CSA you will receive a veg box every week for 20 weeks, containing a share of our farms harvest.

We ask that our members commit to supporting us throughout the season by paying for their veg boxes at the start of the growing seasonWhen you sign up you sign up for the full 20 weeks. If you are away one week then you must organise someone else to pick up your share box for you – a great way to meet your neighbour by sharing your veg! We do not start and stop our boxes.

CSA Membership Share Price:

  • 20 week Small: £240
  • 20 week Large: £340 


Please familiarise yourself with the concept of CSA in order to avoid any confusion before purchasing your share.

We ask for a one off payment (choose either small or large) at the start of the growing season (no later than two weeks after signing up).

With this you are committing to paying the full amount at the start of the season and receiving a box every week (20 weeks). If you do not wish to receive a box one week it is up to you to either contact us (by the Wednesday before the Friday delivery) and let us know not to pack your box, or arrange for a friend to collect your box on your behalf. We cannot refund for any cancelled or uncollected boxes.

For those of you on a low wage who are unable to commit to paying the lump sum payment we can help organise a standing order. Please complete the sign up form and state your interest in a standing order from the drop down menu.

I’m in! How do I become a member?

To become a CSA member and secure your weekly veg box please sign up to our mailing list and choose your box size and payment preference. We will then be in touch to let you know how to pay. Our boxes will be sold on a first come first served basis, so sign up to secure your box. We look forward to growing your veg!

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered here please get in touch with

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