What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is about taking responsibility for how our food is produced by helping to build a more local and balanced farming system. It enables farmers to practice ecological methods which are beneficial to our shared environment whilst still maintaining highly productive farms which contribute to a local economy and culture.

At Tap o’ Noth Farm this means committing to paying for a whole season’s worth of vegetables before the harvest begins in order for us to accurately budget for the materials we need as well as to plan ahead for the year’s growing.

Through a direct relationship, the farmer and the consumer can share in the risks and rewards that come with producing food naturally. Essentially this means accepting that the success of each crop varies from year to year and whilst a particularly good year would result in you sharing in a bountiful harvest, a bad year may mean that you receive a slightly smaller amount of vegetables.

By purchasing this ‘share’ of the vegetables that we produce you will become an active and valued member of our farm as well as becoming closely connected to the seasons and how the weather and climate affect the foods that you consume. It enables us as farmers to supply our local economy as well as drastically reducing the distance our produce has travelled in comparison to those available at the local supermarket.

Other benefits of a CSA share membership:


  • Direct selling removes mark up on veg sold through middle men and enables a fairer price for both us and you
  • Fresh produce, picked on the day of delivery and having travelled less than 15 miles to get to you
  • All crops ecologically grown without the use of chemicals
  • You will be eating seasonally which (as well as providing an exciting challenge in the kitchen) can ensure veg will contain higher levels of essential micronutrients and positively affect your gut microflora


  • Growing vegetables requires a large amount of preplanning very early in the year and having the commitment from customers at this time provides us with invaluable support
  • By knowing the amount of vegetables which we will have to grow we can reduce the amount of wastage by only producing what is needed
  • Knowing where the food we produce is going and who it will be feeding makes us feel even more driven and proud to be farmers

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