Vegetable boxes

If you live within a 15 mile radius of Rhynie we can deliver a weekly box of fresh and tasty veg to you.

2017 veg box signup, starting July 20th!

Please fill in this signup form to secure your veg box for 2017

Our boxes will contain between 5-8 varieties of seasonal veg that we can grow outdoor here on the side of Tap o’ Noth hill. A typical veg box in summer could contain a selection from – cabbage, broccoli, salad bag or whole lettuce, radishes, herbs, chard, kale, carrots, broad beans, mange tout, onions, beetroot, turnips. Large crops such as potatoes are only grown in small quantities and will only be available to our CSA Members (see below) or we would advise buying from another local source.

We offer two options to choose from to get your veg – a weekly, pay for what you receive scheme and a special CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Membership deal. Your veg box will be delivered to a pick up point in your nearest town for you to collect. See below for details.

To secure your weekly veg box please sign up to our mailing list and choose your membership and box size preference. We will then be in touch to discuss your payment options. We have a maximum of 35 veg boxes available on a first come first served basis, so sign up to secure your box.

We are aiming for July the 20th to make our first veg box harvest/delivery.

Option 1.

CSA Membership Share

A great way for grower and consumer to connect by sharing the risks and rewards of seasonal farming. By paying for a whole season in advance (and slightly ahead of the start of harvest season), members are in effect purchasing a ‘share’ of the farm. This greatly supports the farmer and in return the member receives a weekly share of the harvest. In the height of the growing season your weekly share will be bountiful and at leaner times of the year your box will contain the usual five – eight varieties of veg.

Other benefits of a CSA Share membership:

  • You get more veg!
  • cheaper than paying by the week
  • a more varied selection of veg
  • access to smaller harvests of unusual veg that may not make it into the standard veg boxes e.g herbs, seasonal fruit, hard to grow varieties, potatoes
  • makes purchasing just one easy payment (no need to remember to pay our invoices!)

When you sign up you sign up for the full 18 weeks. If you are away one week then you must organise someone else to pick up your share box for you – a great way to meet your neighbour by sharing your veg! If we find we cannot supply veg for the full 18 weeks we will reimburse you for any overpaid payments. 

CSA Membership Share Price

18 week Small (1-2 people): £160           or with 6 eggs : £196/12 eggs: £223

18 week Large (3-4 people): £240          or with 6 eggs: £276/12 eggs: £303

Option 2.

Standard Weekly Veg Box Scheme

Sign up to receive a weekly fresh box of vegetables. We will deliver every week for 18 weeks. If you need to cancel your order (if you need to go away) you are free to do so and start up again when you wish. Pay for what you receive and we will invoice every four weeks. Payment to be made by bank transfer or cheque.

Small box (1-2 people/ five to eight varieties of veg): £10

Large box (3-4 people/ five to eight varieties of veg): £15

Pick up Points (Times and dates to be confirmed)

As of 2017 our main pick up points will be:

  • Rhynie – Tap 0′ Noth Farm
  • Rhynie (we are currently searching for a Rhynie location – can you help?)
  • Huntly (Deveron Projects)
  • Lumsden (Scottish Sculpture Workshop)
  • Rothiemay (private house – TBC)

If it is not practical for you to come to one of these pick up points we may be able to organise a pick up closer to your home depending on demand for our produce in your area.

2017 season has a limit of 35 veg box subscriptions available on a first come, first get basis! 

Deliveries will be made to our drop off points on a Thursday. Times and location to be announced, but will be towards the end of the day so you can pick up your box after work.

To secure your weekly veg box please sign up to our mailing list and choose your membership and box size preference. We are aiming for late June to make our first veg box harvest/delivery.


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