Free Range Eggs

We have a small flock of 30 Black Rock hens that are kept in what we feel is the best environment for hens which is in amongst areas of woodland and pasture. This is a more natural environment for the chicken where they have ample room to range and have a varied and healthy diet of grasses, herbs, worms and insects as well as access to non-GM feed.

Allowing our hens access to their natural diet produces beautiful eggs that are not only more tasty but healthier too. Research into Pasture raised eggs shows that this ‘beyond free range’ approach produces a high quality egg with higher vitamins and nutrients than conventional factory methods, with a third less cholesterol, quarter less saturated fat, 2 times omega – 3 fatty acids, 3 times more Vitamin E and up to seven times more Beta Carotene.

We sell our hens eggs as an extra in the veg box or direct from the farm gate.

6 hens eggs – £2.00

12 hens eggs – £3.50

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