At Tap o’ Noth Permaculture our focus is on providing high quality courses in the fields of ecological design and restoration agriculture and creating a demonstrative and dynamic environment for practical, hands-on learning and reskilling in traditional crafts and homesteading techniques.

We are working closely with experienced permaculture teachers, qualified instructors and skilled enthusiasts to make the best possible decisions regarding course curriculum, event schedules and the furtherance of our site design, enabling us to offer a high standard of demonstration and teaching within our courses and workshops.

With themes such as drystone walling, natural building, introduction and full Permaculture Design Courses, foraging and bushskills, fermenting and preserving and traditional stone building conservation planned for futures courses, Tap o’ Noth Permaculture looks forward to hosting and helping you advance your knowledge and path towards a more sustainable future.

2 Comments on “Courses

  1. Hello are you planning on any courses for late summer or Autumn? Kindest Regards

    • Hi Victoria – we will be running a mushroom growing workshop, around late autumn. We will make more info available when we have it. Thanks.

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