At certain points of the year we host and organise workshops and courses in the fields of ecological design, food production and sustainable living. As an official demonstration site for the Permaculture Association and the Permaculture Research Institute, our farm provides a demonstrative and dynamic environment for practical, hands-on learning and reskilling in traditional crafts and smallholding/ homesteading techniques. We look forward to hosting and helping you advance your knowledge and path towards a more sustainable future.

We enjoy working closely with experienced teachers, qualified instructors and skilled enthusiasts to bring practical and engaging courses of a high standard to the north of Scotland. If you are interested in using Tap o’ Noth Farm as a venue or wish to collaborate with us please contact us at to begin a conversation.

11 Comments on “Courses

  1. I did my permaculture Design Certificate Course in Germany, i am very interested in doing my accredited diploma, i live in the Gambia, where i use permaculture principles in my daily life and so am very interested in your accredited course when ever it kicks off.

    • Hello Gilbert,
      Many thanks for getting in touch. We will certainly let you know when we have our first course planned.

    • Hello Gilbert,

      Just to let you know that booking is now open for our first PRI PDC. Please click on the courses tab above for more info.

    • Hi Steve – yes, the course in May is now open for registration. Please go to the courses tab above and click on PDC for more info. Thanks!

  2. Would you ever consider taking on apprentices/help with training in a permaculture apprenticeship?

    • Hi Maddie – this is something we are considering for the future, certainly taking on intern placements. You can always contact us through the contact box on our website. Many thanks, James

  3. Hi. Do you have PDC courses planned for 2016? I’d really like to take part but need to plan holidays/child care – so would like to know future dates.

    • Hi Sheila – thanks for getting in touch. We don’t have any dates confirmed yet for next years courses but will do our best to get them up on the website/facebook as soon as we know them.

  4. Hi James and Rosa,
    Do you have any plans to run any Permaculture Design Courses in the near future??
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Rachel, many thanks for getting in touch. Yes, we are planning a full PDC for next summer. We can’t give you any more details than that as of yet but hope to get some more concrete plans/dates very soon. If you register your interest by doing our mailing list we can contact you when we have more details. Thanks!

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