Tap o’ Noth Farm is a small CSA market farm run by James Reid and Rosa Bevan and is situated at the foot of Tap o’ Noth hill, near the village of Rhynie in rural Aberdeenshire. We farm ecologically grown vegetables for a weekly veg box and raise free range chickens for eggs. We also keep two British Toggenburg goats for our home dairy needs.

We sell our produce through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) vegetable box scheme, bringing our naturally grown produce to people within a 15 mile radius of Rhynie. We also function as a permaculture demonstration site for the Permaculture Association and offer monthly tours of our farm and ecologically designed systems.

How we farm

By using agroecological methods and permaculture design principles, we are creating an agricultural landscape that functions as close to a natural ecosystem as possible. This allows us to remove the need for using synthetic chemicals and produce yields of fresh, natural food in a way that has little negative impact on the environment and welfare of our animals. Farming in this way actually helps to have a positive impact on our environment by regenerating soils, sequestering carbon, encouraging wildlife habitat and being pretty amazing for the people associated with the farm too. That’s us the farmers and you the consumer.

Permaculture (from Permanent Agriculture) is a set of ecological design principles, first developed in Australia, that can be used to create ecologically diverse, sustainable systems that help us provide for our basic needs.

It goes beyond food production and takes into account house placement, water, conservation, economics , community needs and can be used on any scale and in any climate.

Permaculture is the design framework of our market farm and complements our organic production methods.

Bio-intensive farming is an organic agricultural system that focuses on achieving maximum yields from a minimum area of land, while simultaneously increasing biodiversity and sustaining the fertility of the soil.

As a registered CSA farm, transparency is important to us. We encourage our veg box members to come and see how their veg is grown and get to know their grower, a valued interaction that helps build a community supported farming model. This important interaction generates support and grows an understanding of the associated rewards and risks of seasonal farming, informs our customers what exactly can be grown in the soils and countryside around their homes and nurtures a truly seasonal, healthy diet.

We plan on hosting social events for our veg box members throughout the growing year as a chance for like minded people to meet, cook food together and swap recipes.

Why we farm

Even though our land is but a mere blip in modern agriculture standards, we call our home and 8 acres a farm, as we strongly feel that for the benefit of our soils, water, livestock health, wildlife and community economics, there has to be a shift in the methods we use to produce our food and a resurgence of small, diverse and organic farms peppering the landscape once again. We may be small, but have a mighty attitude and hope that in some way we can inspire others to make ecologically ethical decisions within their own lives and take the leap into a more sustainable, nay, regenerative future. And our personal direction of positive change starts with something we can all understand – food. Real, honest, naturally grown food. 

We are members and supporters of:
 scotLAND  2015-04-LWA-logo-small
permaculture assoc2

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      Thanks for enquiring. We will soon have all the details such as course price, curriculum, accommodation etc available. Shall I put your name on our mailing list so you’ll know as soon as we have the information?
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      • Hi Marie – that’s booking now open for our PDC course May 2015 – please click on the courses tab on for more info. Many thanks, James

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      • Hi Rosario – booking is now open for our PDC course May 2015 – please click on the courses tab on our website for more info. Thanks, James

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